Andersson Bell HN2-S Protoblast - Black / Graphite Gray

$250+ Postage

ASICS and Anderson Bell's project began with the intention of showing real content created with analog sensibility to modern people living in a digitalized world, and established a new worldview with ASICS' excellent technology and Anderson Bell's imagination. Design was inspired by three movies that were an interesting stimulus in childhood. Inspired by the historic site temple in the jungle of "Indiana Jones," the shark of "Jaws," and the bat car of "The Dark Knight", you can get a glimpse of the design sensibility of ASICS and Andersson Bell, which was created by adding imagination to the impressive points of the movie. The collaboration product "PROTOBLAST”, is reborn inspired by some of the past products designed for basketball and running, and features 3D AI technology studied by the ASICS Sports Science Research Institute and developed and applied geometric outsole tread patterns. Textile Uppers Mesh Underlays Auxiliary Lace Detailing Andersson Bell Branded Detailing 1201A729-001

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